Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Apologies once again for the delay this week...and for a quick entry, but something's better than nothing, right? That philosophy certainly seems to apply to Peter Blasser (aka Peter B), a guy I know very little about but have been hearing about for years thanks to my various pals who are drooling afficionados of his homemade bent-circuit synths/oscillators/whatever you call them. I have no clue exactly how Peter makes his stuff or how one uses it, but I have definitely heard a lot of amazing noise come out of his unique implements when manipulated by high-level improvisers, and now thanks to Resipiscent I've gotten to hear what amazing noise comes out when the man himself is at the, uh, "controls."

Luteus is a 13-track album (plus excellent booklet w/photos of some of Mr. B's gadetry) that's oddly diverse - I expected wall-to-wall noise, but there are actual compositions here interspersed among the more abstract inventions, some of which even have repeated parts and vocals and all that kind of song type stuff. I'm not really sure what I think of those pieces - a couple, like "I'm your owl, what is your mystery" are pretty cool repetitive melodies in a way roughly reminiscent of the Books, weirdly enough - but I'll reserve judgement for now, cause the noise on Luteus is pretty great regardless. Most of it comes on tracks titled "Sin Satin S'Sudio," which according to the liner notes "is one of Nodemesnes' ancient ritual ceremonies etc. concerned with umbilical connection between temple-themed Din Datin Dudero random analog brain and T.T. Trano hierarchy ambrazier." I have less idea what that means than I do how to play one of Peter B's instruments, but I do understand that all the SSS tracks on here are filled with non-predictable sonic action that spurts, belches, growls, and annihilates all over the place.

The cool thing is how every track in this subset of pieces is so wide-ranging and exploratory - all of them have blasts of all-out noise and meditative sections of hum, often butted right up against each other. There's one called "Davie C. Jam" that really tosses noises up against the wall like balloons full of paint, slowly splattering each sound on top of the other (and has an ending oddly evocative of Mick Jagger's Invocation of My Demon Brother moog piece, which I'm a sucker for), but I'm finding myself more partial to "NON-ACTION #VII" (linked below), a really well-constructed path of warpy noise and firing din that sounds different every time I play it.

PETER B - "Sin Satin S'Sudio: NON-ACTION #VII" from Luteus


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