Tuesday, May 29, 2007


OK, we're not actually despairing here at Noiseweek, and not even lost anymore...just busy as hell and way too tired to post another half-assed entry. Instead, we're gonna take a week to recharge and promise to bring you something you'll like (and maybe will not even have heard of before) by next week...we can at least tell you that we made an official company appearance at a recent installment of the great Sightings tour that is still going on and that you must attend. The band is rejuvinated as hell and I have to say this is the best I've ever seen em...running all over the stage, w/Mr. Morgan's vocals way more out front and a combo of guitar screech, boweling bass rumble, and skull-slapping drumming that's really unparalleled right now (it didn't hurt that Mr. Axolotl opened with two short, sweet pieces of lightly-dusted drone). So for now, why not enjoy a Sightings out-take that didn't make it onto Fun From None (and buy a copy of that new Sightings DVD-R if you see em), and we'll see ya next week....


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