Sunday, September 03, 2006


Noiseweek HQ is being physically reassigned, so gotta be quick this time...A few weeks back I busted on a Monotract review seen on the Belgian Mangenerated noiseblog, and to his eternal credit, the author (I think his name is Wim?) not only took it super well, but sent me some of his own noise, and shit - it's really fucking good. From what I can tell both the CD-R's he sent are by Wim all alone - one under his current moniker, Portable Noise Kremator, and another of stuff he made in 1996, so that's what he's calling it. Both are fiery displays of abrasive distortion and damaged electronic overload that teem with overflowing thought and effort.

The PNK disc is called Three-Headed Sickbed, and consists of five thorough tracks of eerie, reverberant growl. Lack of time and the fact that you can listen to samples of all five tracks at the Mangenerated site makes detailed description both unfeasible and unnecessary, but I will say that I really dig how PNK's core sound is so familiarly elusive - at times it sounds like stellar guitar noise, say Sonic Death-style feedback mixed with the majestic howl of Rudolph Grey, other times it sounds like partially-electronic industrial clatter in the vaunted vein of Non, PBK, or even Hive Mind. All those comparisons are just starting points though - Three-Headed Sickbed is ultimately more than a sum of its precedents.

1996 isn't wildly different than PNK - the tracks are shorter, and there's more reliance on samples, loops and rhythms, but overall the effect is the same: idea-heavy, interest-capturing noise filled with detailed, granular sound. Wim cites Reich, Crass, and Smell & Quim as influences on this one, and I can see them all, especially Reich - some of these tracks sound like dark-basement interpolations of his best phase loops. Sometimes the repetitions outlive their inspiration, and a few of the over-beat drum machine things are slightly monotonous, but shit, this was made 10 years ago - the fact that any of it, much less so much of it, holds up this well is kinda miraculous. My favorite pieces are the most noised-out ones, like the clamourous collection of skull drilling linked below, but there's more than enough hot drool spilling here to make it your duty to become one of the planet's 40 lucky owners of 1996. Go forth.

1996 - (track five) from 1996


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