Sunday, April 30, 2006


I'm completely brain-broke this week, so no retro entry this month, and gonna have to even bail on writing about a new rec (lots to cover tho, so May should be full)...instead, a quick report from last night's D.C. benefit for Tarantula Hill at 611 Florida Ave. As you probably know, the amazing folks named Nautical Almanac suffered a devastating fire to their home/studio/venue Tarantula Hill last month while they were away performing at and attending No Fun Fest. Tons of benefit shows have been happening around the country, and last night a bunch of the best and dimmest D.C. noise pirates were collected by curator Chris G. and show-maker supreme Scott V. to make stupid beneficial racket. Also, Sean P. packaged a fine comp CD-R for the occasion which I'm assuming you can still get from his Sockets site. It was a pretty unbelievably insane night overall - D.C. noise is monumentally diverse and dripping with skilled sound-generating artisans right now and this show was undeniable proof. I'm constantly amazed by the amount of people putting so much time and effort into doing such a wide array of genre-defying, mind-expanding noise around here - I dare any other city right now to match us, seriously...anyway, rather than exhaust my few remaining brain cells trying to describe the immensity of each act, here's a chopped up video featuring about a minute of each performance, in chronological order...back to bed...

(Here's an alternate link for the vid if you're seeing this thru RSS...)


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