Thursday, November 17, 2005


In case you were ever thinking of using All Music as a source for anything but laughter, be advised that their entry for Double Leopards consists of one review (of the new Troubleman CD) by someone named Greg Prato, whose credentials apparently consist of having heard of Metal Machine Music. Nothing in "All Music" about any of the band's previous slabs of massive drone, which, though pathetic, is fortunate, since they would've probably gotten such incisive comments as "I could do that" or "this isn't music" or "man, this all sounds the same after one listen, I give up." How bad a "writer" do you have to be to have not gotten past the insanely tired "experimental music is just someone pressing record in a wind tunnel" argument? Stay tuned for Greg's stirring review of Jackson Pollock (preview: "someone spilled paint on the floor...")

UPDATE: The review referred to above has apparently been wisely taken down, thanks to Many Spaceships for the tip...


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