Monday, October 31, 2005


Saw Mouthus, probably my favorite current band, in D.C. on Friday as part of a Doom Metal fest that the band didn't exactly fit into, but it at least provided a non-threatened audience. Big difference from only other time I saw and shot them in a red-and-black fog at 611 Florida - this time the lights were much brighter and so was the noise wall, plus Brian and Nate had traded hair-lengths. The sound was super-splattered and ear-punching - no heavy slow sludge, just all attacking, unwavering screech. I dug Brian's mangled guitar strangulations, but Nate's plastering drumming (he uses a combo acoustic-electric setup that sounds like a he's playing with guns instead of sticks) was the best part. Not quite the epiphany that their latest album continues to be, but great nonetheless...apparently my footage from their previous DC show might end up in a Swedish TV doc on NYC Noise that will also include Sightings, Black Dice, and Gang Gang Dance...

MOUTHUS - "Go To Freeze" from Slow Globes
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